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00:03 First of all, Theodore,
00:07 I would like to thank you and I would like to thank all of Smackdown
00:13 and I would like to thank all of the great Fans right here in Memphis, Tennesse,
00:20 for holding this debate.
00:23 Go Grizzlies! And I would like to answer the question: What makes me deserve to be a champion more than my opponent, John Cena?
00:38 You see America needs heroes and I have filled that role.
00:44 I have vanquished all of my opponents and I have become stronger by doing it.
00:51 I am the ideal american success story, from a great family, independently wealthy, from a great spowl.
00:59 I have been the reason for all of you people to look up to Smackdown because of me.
01:05 And I understand there's a champion on the other show, that says that he is a ten time world champion.
01:16 What that means to me is he lost nine times!
01:22 I am the only champion in the history of professional wrestling that has never lost this championship!
01:32 I have held this Championship longer than anybody in over ten years,
01:40 including that same guy on the other show.
01:46 That, Teddy Long, is why I deserve and why I am what I say I am: A wrestling god!
02:00 John Cena, same question.
02:12 Before I can even answer that question, what makes me more qualify to be champ,
02:18 I gotta turn that back around you. I mean, because you, you're some sort of a wrestling god.
02:24 I mean, you've been champ for quite a long time. You're independently wealthy, a huge success story.
02:33 Why would someone as successful as you, drive to the ring in a broke down ass limousine?
02:46 Why? Why? I don't...
02:49 There's nothing wrong with that limousine! It's brand new...
02:51 Hey, man, hey. Don't sugarcoat it. Let's go take a look.
02:58 I mean, first thing's first homie.
03:04 Teddy, look what he did to my car!
03:07 You got a flat tire. You're the champ! How are you gonna ride out here in a limo with a flat tire, man?
03:17 That is vandalism! You should be thrown in jail! Teddy Long, do something about this, you're the general manager!
03:24 Hey! He's not touching you. He hasn't laid a hand on you.
03:28 I'm just...
03:33 I'm just stating the facts, playa. And the paintjob. Man, what's up with the paintjob?
03:43 Coming out in this busted ass limo with a flat tire and a scuffed-up paint. I can't even believe you didn't catch that.
03:50 There's nothing wrong with that paintjob, Cena.
03:52 Nooo, man. You ain't looking at it right.
04:03 You see when I look at it...
04:11 What is wrong with you?!
04:17 You're a... You're a punk criminal!
04:20 I see a limo that says 'JBL sucks'. JBL sucks? Dude! JBL is you.
04:30 You drove out here in a Limo that says 'JBL sucks'! What is wrong with you?!
04:37 That's a 200.000 dollar car!
04:40 You know...
04:50 You know, between that limo-fiasco and this hostile crowd here in Memphis,
05:01 if I was you I'd, well I'd just do something about that.
05:06 You better show me some respect, you...
05:09 You're gonna hit me?
05:08 JBL!
05:10 You're gonna hit me? You're gonna do something? Go on. Go on, throw a punch! Come on, throw a punch there big daddy, come on!
05:20 You can do something if you want to.
05:22 I'm ready for the next question.
05:24 Well, then let's move on. JBL,
05:32 how important is one's social and economic upbringing in being a champion?
05:43 Apparently it's real damn important! Look at what that criminal just did to my car.
05:48 You see, there's a reason that punk-criminals like him, the only way he makes it in a car, is if you drive me!
05:56 There's a reason that people like you are kept down by the rich, 'cause that's what's better for America!
06:03 You mock what you don't understand and flat honestly, you're jealous, because the only way you'll have money like me, is if you win the lottery or you turn to crime.
06:14 So I'll tell you what: at Wrestlemania I'm gonna turn to crime, too. I'm gonna rob you of your dreams. I'm gonna rob you of your hopes.
06:22 And I'm gonna rob you of your dignity, when I make you, you Cena, bow down and worship at the feet of a wrestling god!
06:32 John Cena, you're up, playa.
06:36 Sounds like somebody crapped in your Cheerios this morning, homie.
06:41 But you got a point. I mean uh, this whole economic thing...
06:49 maybe I, uh, maybe I just lost my head. I guess what you were trying to say is, I got no, I got no respect for the championship.
06:55 I got no...
06:56 You got no class!
06:57 I got no class. I mean, look at how I'm dressed. I guess...
07:'6 I mean, I mean, I think I'm doing alright, are we good or what?
07:12 Wait, wait, don't wet your panties in a bunch. There is some people who think that we should act a certain way, that we should dress a certain way. So,
07:20 I'm a man of peace. I mean, we can probably solve all of this by just wearing a suit and a tie, right?
07:29 You would look a lot better in a tie. Right now, you look like a piece of crap!
07:34 Well. Let me see if I look better in a tie. Let's just see if that works.
07:40 Hey! Hey! Teddy! Teddy! You can't touch me! You... WrestleMania! You'll lo...
07:56 So a tie would look better, hu?
08:04 Oh no. I feel like a banker in this. This still sucks!
08:10 Oh, but, oh Dog! That was, that was yours and after the, after the car thing, uff. And the tie?
08:17 You're probably pretty mad right now, hu? You probably wanna do something, don't you? Maybe throw a punch?
08:25 Maybe hit me? If I hit you, than I can't go to WrestleMania, but uh, then again I'm not the one looking like a total jerk, so maybe... I mean maybe, maybe you wanna throw a punch.
08:47 No. No. I'm not playing your games.
08:51 You do not outthink the master. At WrestleMania you will have all you want, but until then, son, play your stupid games.
09:05 John Cena, the next question is for you. Now, I want to ask you this, playa: What do you need to do...
09:15 What do I need to do to get this punk bitch over here to swing at me?
09:24 Well, now, that's an important question and what I think we need to address:
09:31 What if, right here, right now, I proof the wrestling god, the champion of champions, the man of class, JBL, to be nothing but a liar?
09:45 I don't lie! I...
09:46 Hey, hey, hey. Have faith in your boy, I can pull it off. Now,
09:51 my senior Theodore Long, watch closely, 'cause I'm not going to touch you dog.
09:56 You better not touch me, you...
09:57 But I am gonna touch your ten gallon hat.
10:01 Oh no, this is nice, dude. Yo! This ain't exactly my style and nothing, but you can tell the craftsmanship, everything is there! Is this, is this Gucci?
10:15 It's a thousand dollar Stetson!
10:18 Okay, then, we know that this is probably a ten gallon hat, right?
10:26 I hate you. I hate you, you piece of...
10:28 Oh, I'll take that as a yes. Ten gallon hat, well let's do something. Let's see how many gallons this hat's gonna hold.
10:45 He's not touching you.
10:53 Dude that ain't even closer like one gallon. That means your ass is a liar.
10:58 Oh yeah, by the way I'm done with your hat, you can have it. Oh, oh, oh no!
11:11 Look at you, man! Looks like you had an accident all over youself.
11:17 They make diapers for that sort of stuff. I mean, you got problems they'll help you, oh! Oh, look at you.
11:22 I'm gonna kick your ass at WrestleMania! My...
11:25 You're gonna show me what you're gonna do at WrestleMania?
11:27 At Wrestlemania I'll...
11:28 Then show me what you're gonna do at WrestleMania! Come on! Right here! You throw a punch and I swear, I will knock the hell out of you!
11:56 You ain't gonna do nothin', are you?
12:01 Just like I thought. But I bet you stand there, thinkin' that you're uh,
12:07 clever for not playing my games. You look ridiculous.
12:13 And as clever as you think you are...
12:18 well, I think you're something else.
12:26 I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you.
12:38 You piece of garbage!
12:42 You know what? You know what? See, in the world that I come from, in the world that we come from,
12:54 there's people who talk about it
12:59 and then there's people who BE about it!
13:07 Wrestlemania 21?
13:14 Let me give you a little preview of what's gonna happen to you.
13:28 Ahaaa!


vanquished - wealthy - turn back - sugarcoat - flat tire - bow down and worship - pretty mad - outthink - nothing but - swing - craftsmanship
vanquished: vencido; wealthy: rico; turn back: retroceder; sugarcoat: cause to appear more pleasant; flat tire: rueda pinchada; laid a hand: puesto una mano; stating: exponiendo; upbringing: educacion; bow down and worship: inclinarse y adorar; pretty mad: muy enojado; outthink: pensar mas que; nothing but: nada mas que; swing: pegar; pull it off: llevarlo a cabo; craftsmanship: artesania;

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