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02:49 Y'all extra fired up tonight.
02:56 And I know why, I know why. Because tonight is epic!
03:02 Tonight is monumental. You know what. I feel so good about tonight, I'm gonna do something I should have done a long time ago.
03:17 I just hugged out with a 'We hate Cena'-Guy. We're good. Because tonight, for the first time in six months, WWE Monday Night RAW is Nexus-free!
03:39 Man, it makes me wanna dance. Whoo, whoo. Whoo, whoo.
03:48 Cole, I just dug it. We hit rock bottom. Hell, it makes me wanna sing.
04:01 The stars at night are big and bright. ['Clap clap clapclap. Deep in the heart of Texas'] You know what. I am so happy to be here, I got a treat for you guys. Normally we don't do this.
04:18 But I've commandeered some exclusive footage from last nights PPV of 'Tables, Ladders & Chairs'.
04:28 It is the footage describing the demise of Wade Barrett and I conveniently have that footage cued on the giant screen right now.
04:52 But wait folks, there's more. If you continue to watch RAW you will see the same footage from... another camera angle.
05:10 That's not all, folks. If you continue to act now and be a member of the WWE Universe you will see the same footage from...
05:17 another camera angle.
05:30 And just when you thought I was done, we will give you the same footage, but this time in slow-motion.
06:02 You guys got to see the demise of Wade Barrett four different times tonight. I feel so good when I get a great bargain. Especially this close to the holidays. On those half-to-half items like the Sham-Wow, the Snuggie and Wade Barrett being crushed by 23 chairs.
06:23 Six months ago I promised you guys that I would get to each and every member of The Nexus. And it took me some time, but last night at TLC I got to each and every member of The Nexus.
06:40 That means the winds have finally changed for Wade Barrett and his group of turd-burglars and now I can focus on the more important things like winning the Royal Rumble and going on to WrestleMania!
06:54 EXCUSE ME! Excuse me!
07:00 Moses Malone!
07:06 Pardon the interruption, John. I SAID EXCUSE ME!
07:18 Pardon the interruption, John, but you were not the only one who won a match last night.
07:31 I'm sorry, there's so much hatred in the air, I can't even hear what you're saying.
07:44 You were not the only one that won a match last night. ['Buuuuh'] EXCUSE ME['Buuuuh']
08:03 I can't hear you.
08:12 You were not the only one� ['Buuuuh']
08:22 Alright, alright, alright. What?
08:26 You were not the only one� ['Buuuuh']
08:32 Ha, it's a running gag.
08:38 John, you were not the only one� ['Buuuuh'] ['You suck']
09:01 Okay, the state of Texas just told you how they feel. Explain yourself, what's going on? Give her the floor, give her the floor. It's live television.
09:10 John, you were not the only one� ['Buuuuh']
09:15 Well, we just made the All-Time-RAW-Highlights. This is gonna go on for what? 30, 40 minutes? Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. Guys, guys. Please. Don't do that, don't do that again. No, please. Silence.
09:32 You were not ['Buuuuh'] the only one that won a match at the TLC PPV. ['You suck']
10:02 They're a lively bunch here in Austin, I tell ya.
10:12 Despite competing in a Triple Threat match, ['Buuuuh'] Dolph Ziggler is still the Intercontinental Champion! Now since you had the opportunity ['Buuuuh'] to show footage, I have my own footage to show�
10:33 Okay, okay. Alright, alright, alright. We've made some ground. Apparently after TLC last night Dolph Ziggler is still the Intercontinental Champion. And the wonderful and beloved Vickie Guerrero has brought out a clip to show us. Roll the clip.
10:53 There are some moves that our Superstars do that are truly beyond words. The only reaction is holy... you know what.
11:03 Jerry, that's the same reaction I had when Michael Cole cost you your WWE Championship!
11:11 You know, Vickie, that's probably the reaction Dolph Ziggler has every time you model some new lingerie for him.
11:17 Excuse me?
11:19 Look, Jerry, for your information, I have lost a considerable amount of weight.
11:23 You've lost weight? Look around, I think you'll find it.
11:33 The King, Ladies and Gentlemen. Well played, Sir.
11:41 Jerry, I came for an apology. ['Buuuuh'] And if you don't give me my apology, my boyfriend Dolph Ziggler is going to beat you up!
11:53 She's right. I'm gonna beat you up!
11:54 And you are going to say that you're sorry.
11:56 Hey, King. I got this. She says that you owe her an apology. And if we don't have one here now that Dolph Ziggler is gonna try to beat you up.
12:04 He will beat him.
12:08 Vickie, Vickie. Was it because the remark about your weight? I mean, I can't help it if you're the only diva here in the WWE whose bathtub has stretch marks.
12:20 King, King. Wait, wait. King, King. I got one, I got one. Vickie is so fat that she wakes up in sections.
12:31 Hey, John. John, John. Did you know that when God said 'Let there be light', he had to ask Vickie to step out of the way first?
12:41 Wait, wait, wait. I got one, I got one.
12:45 STOP IT!
12:45 Vickie is so fat that her baby pictures were taken via satellite.
12:50 STOP IT! STOP IT, STOP IT! STOP IT! ['Buuuuh']
13:00 Vickie Guerrero is a saint! She is beautiful, inside and out. She's the most respected diva in the entire WWE. ['Buuuuh'] You all know that. She's beautiful, she's�
13:09 Dolph! Dolph, Dolph. Enough. How can you be out here talking like that? I was talking to you quite a while ago and you called Vickie a double-bagger. That means you gotta put a bag over your head in case the one of hers breaks. And how dare you, how dare you. First time I met you a long time ago, you were afraid of the dark. Then you saw Vickie naked, you're afraid of the light.
14:00 And I quote.
14:09 Since Vickie Guerrero is threatening that her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler will beat people up, well let's try it in a match tonight.
14:21 Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero vs John Cena and Sadie.
14:29 And that match will take place right now.


bright - demise - bargain - crushed - burglars - hatred - running gag - lively - bunch - lingerie - remark - bathtub - stretch marks
bright: brillante; demise: muerte; bargain: negocio; crushed: aplstado; burglars: ladrones; hatred: odio; running gag: joke; lively: animado; bunch: grupo; lingerie: ropa interior; remark: observacion; bathtub: bañera; stretch marks: estrias;

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