viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Solo lo subtitule hasta el minuto 2:33 porque hasta termino el dialogo entre CM Punk y Jeff Hardy pero si gustan pueden seguir viendo el video pero ya no hay subtitulos para el resto.
00:00I have to get rid of you so they stop living in your moment and they wake up
00:06and they start living in my reality.
00:18Make no mistake about it, Jeff.
00:20There's no turning back from this point on. You can talk about the space
00:24from the top of that ladder to this mat, but from here on out
00:30there's nothing left, at Summerslam
00:34I will hurt you, and I will remove you
00:39and the stain of all your bad examples from the WWE forever.
00:54Punk, you can't destroy me, you can't destroy what I've created over my ten years here.
01:02Kansas City is not gonna listen to you! ['Hardy! Hardy!']
01:17You won't beat me at Summerslam, Punk.
01:21I will prove that I'm better than you in my specialty,
01:25tables, ladders and chairs.
01:34You're right, Jeff, you know what? You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them,
01:40because you need them to enable you.
01:43You need them to justify your reckless behavior
01:50with their support and their cheers, just like
01:53they need you to somehow justify their reckless behavior with their smoking,
01:59and their drinking, and their use in prescription medication.
02:09They try in vain to live vicariously through a man
02:14who by way of his lifestyle thinks he can fly.
02:19Punk, I don't think I can fly. My spirit knows I can!
02:33Let's find out.


get rid of - turning back - mat - stain - reckless - vicariously - by way of
get rid of: terminar; turning back: vuelta atras; mat: alfombra; stain: mancha; reckless: heedless or careless (descuidado, negligente); vicariously: living an experience through someone else; by way of: a traves de;

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