lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

01:05As you all know, the black cloud continues to loom over Jeff Hardy's head.
01:16And it will continue to do so until Jeff sucks it up,
01:20I came out here tonight to get some things off my chest.
01:36Some things that I tried to communicate with Jeff Hardy, but of course, as usual,
01:42he wouldn't listen.
01:46But tonight Jeff, I'm going to force you to listen.
01:56You've been through a lot this year, Jeff.
01:59A lot of ups, a lot of downs. A lot of highs, lows.
02:10You couldn't compete in WrestleMania last year because you were suspended.
02:15You were out having a little too much fun.
02:20Me, on the other hand?
02:23I couldn't compete in an actual match at WrestleMania because I was injured. I had a legitamite injury.
02:33But from day one of your suspension, no one cared about Matt!
02:37No one gave a damn about me or my injury.
02:47Everyone wanted to know about Jeff:
02:50Is Jeff getting the help he needs?
02:54Is Jeff gonna be returning to the ring? What is Jeff thinking?
03:05Jeff, you didn't have a care in the world at that time.
03:08You went about business as usual. You locked yourself in your studio and recorded songs,
03:15you painted pictures, you refused to be responsible for your own actions.
03:23And like always, everyone expected Matt Hardy to come in and pick up the pieces!
03:37And you did suffer a very unfortunate amount of accidents, Jeff.
03:45You were attacked in a stairwell, your car was run off the road,
03:52there was the accident with the pyro...
03:56I mean, who could have done this to you Jeff? Was it a group of people?
04:03Does someone hold a grudge against you? Or maybe it was just one person.
04:14But there is one day in particular that I remember very strongly, Jeff.
04:20That was shortly after you got suspended.
04:25You'd been out for several days, your music blasting, your dog barking,
04:30and you and Beth decided to leave your house.
04:37And while you were gone, you received a call from me.
04:44And I said: Jeff, Jeff, your house is on fire.
04:50Your house is on fire, man.
04:56And I couldn't go outside and watch it.
05:07I could only picture in my mind you losing everything you worked so hard for:
05:15'Matt, what about my dog? What about Jack, man? What about Jack? Is he okay?'
05:28Well, we all know what happened to poor little Jack.
05:36He didn't make it.
05:42And sometimes accidents turn into tragedies that are incredibly hard to believe.
06:12Jeff, do you remember this? Or what's actually left of it?
06:24I found this the day after everything you ever owned went down in flames.
06:30I found it. It was in a heap of ashes.
06:36And I've been holding on to this, Jeff, for a very long time.
06:44I decided I'd give it to you when the time was right, and well,
06:49the time is right now.
06:53So I want to give this to you as a token.
06:58As a token of my love. A token of my love for my brother, Jeff Hardy.
07:58This is so hard to believe.
08:03You're behind all this. The stairwell... the car crash..
08:11you tried to blow me up.
08:14I never thought my own flesh and blood could be capable of something so horrible.
08:21Don't bring up my house, man, come on. Don't bring up my dog, man.
08:26Don't bring up everything I love.
08:30You want to hurt me, don't you. You want to hurt me, don't you, Matt?
08:35You HATE me, Matt, don't you?
08:39You don't love me, you HATE me!
08:42But you know what, Matthew Moore Hardy?
08:45You hate yourself more than you could ever know.
08:50Because you're sick, you're twisted, you're demented...
09:00and so am I.

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