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00:00 Gentleman, tonight: The immortal Hulk Hogan!
00:28 Hulk, it's great of you to join me tonight. Hulk, you'll be squaring off against Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam. Now that Shawn Michaels, he's a tough guy, isn't he?
00:38 LET ME TELL YA SOMETHING, BROTHER: This is a dream match, brother. One that I've always dreamed of, brother. I got news for ya: I'll be 102 years old, brother, by the time I step into the ring at SummerSlam.
00:49 Every day the Hulkster wakes up that he's not dead, brother, he's living upon his time.
00:54 Let me ask you a question, Hulky: Are you a bad guy or a good guy?
00:59 Well, on camera, brother, I'm a great guy. But when that camera goes off, brother, it's a different story, brother, ho-ho.
01:07 Brother, brother�-brother, brother, BROTHER!
01:13 So Hulky, do you still like the wrestling?
01:17 Are you kidding, brother? I love it. It's in my blood, brother! It's also in my knee, brother, and in my hip, brother.
01:24 But I just can't seem to shake it, brother. And when you shake too hard brother, it's gonna be in my back. Do you know what I mean, brother? BROTHER! Brother�-brother, brother.
01:34 Okay, don't you think you're a little old for the wrestling?
01:38 I got news for ya, Larry-brother. It's not how old you are brother, it's how old you feel. And I feel 157, brother!"
01:50 Hello my question is for Hulk: When will I see you again here in Battle Creek?
01:57 Again in Battle Creek? That would imply that I would have ever gone to Battle Creek, brother.
02:02 The Hulkster only makes the big towns, brother!
02:06 Haha, now come on, come on, let's be serious. How are you gonna stand in the ring with this Shawn Michaels? I mean, he's the showstopper, he's the icon.
02:16 He's a real tough guy. Here, take a look.
05:08 Bro�-ther�-
05:11 Hulky, what's gonna happen at SummerSlam?
05:14 Well, after seeing that, brother, I've obviously got some serious politicking to do, backstage with Vincent K. McMahon.
05:20 You see, brother, Shawn Michaels is obviously an amazing athlete, brother. But he never quite made it to the upper tier, brother.
05:27 You see, after I've walked out the WWE, brother, I've decided to go make even more money somewhere else, brother, they gave them all to Shawn Michaels.
05:36 But he didn't quite get the job done. You see, he's got more important things on his mind, like becoming the greatest 'wrestler' that has ever stepped to the ring, brother.
05:45 He's more concerned about going out there each and every night, brother, and stealing the show. Brother, he works just as hard in Battle Creek, Michigan, brother, than he does in Madison Square Garden, brother.
05:57 See, the Hulkster, brother, he's got a philosophy, brother. Once when people are in the building, brother, you've already got their money in front pocket, brother.
06:07 But Shawn Michaels, brother, he'd rather go out there and nearly kill himself every night, brother, just to make sure those people get their moneys worth, brother.
06:16 But you see something, it's not gonna matter. It's not gonna matter, brother.
06:23 Cause, you know Mean Gene, brother, when the Hulkster�-
06:27 Larry King�- Larry King.
06:29 Whatever Larry, I'm selling tickets here, brother�-.
06:35 WHATCHA GONNA DO, brother, when the Hulkster comes at you, Shawn Michaels, at SummerSlam, brother. We're gonna hulk up, brother, you and me, for the first time in history, brother.
06:44 The first time, brother, the last time, brother, the only time, brother. And when that bell rings, brother�- OHOHOHO BROTHER�- �- AAAAH, BROTHER, BROTHER, AAARGH, BROTHER, BROTHER�-
07:33 Hulk Hogan, you've got your reality show: 'Hogan Knows Best'. At SummerSlam, what are you gonna do�- when reality, kicks right in your face?


squaring off - tough guy - hip - upper tier
squaring off : peleando; tough guy: hombre amenazante; hip: cadera; upper tier: grada superior;


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0 9:55 When I first came to Smackdown, my goal was to... to write a new chapter in the Book of Ezekiel.
10:03 It was supposed to be an epic tale of total domination.
10:09 I decided... no, I promised myself that I was gonna make an impact. That's why I joined The Corre.
10:20 You know, the first when we came to Smackdown we took this show by force. We... we just took over.
10:29 But because of who? You know, the same night I've hoisted a 500 pound giant and slammed him.
10:42 It made me think. Do I need The Corre, or do they need me? That's why I left.
10:54 But they just wouldn't let me walk away.
11:02 So for the last... for the last two weeks I've taken a beating. I'm man enough to admid that I've taken a beating.
11:20 But they cannot break me. I'm not a man that could be broken.
11:30 They've unleashed... they've unleashed a force that cannot be stopped, that will not be stopped.
11:37 I will not rest, I will not sleep until they've all suffered.
11:46 Wade Barrett, you will be the first to suffer. It is written in the Book of Ezekiel that the reign of your championship will come to an end. Because I am the personification of domination.


tale - hoisted - slammed - unleashed
tale: historia; hoisted: alzado; slammed: estrellado; unleashed: liberado;

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06:35 Last week I proved that there is only one dominant giant on Smackdown, and his name is not the Great Khali.
06:51 The fear that I instilled into the heart of Khali's pathetic, helpless brother Ranjin Singh is the mark of a true monster.
07:04 Khali has never been a monster.
07:10 I saw that look as I left him lying face down and helpless.
07:17 It was a look that required no translation. It was weakness.
07:26 The source of Khali's weakness is obvious. Khali has compassion, emotion, Khali actually cares!
07:44 He cares while I detest. At Summerslam I will put an end to the myth of the Great Khali once and for all.
08:07 Khali, I've never been afraid of you, but you'd better be afraid of me.


fear - instilled - helpless
fear: miedo; instilled: inspire; helpless: impotente;

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RAW 31/03/08: Shawn Michaels Apologize por Lordi72
01:57 You know, I'm, eh... I'm feeling a lot of emotions right now and none of them are all that particularly good, ehm...
02:09 You know, I was asked to do a job, I was asked to be the Showstopper, I was asked to be Mist....
02:27 I was asked to be Mr. WrestleMania and I don't know how I feel about that...
02:43 I had a job to do last night.
02:46 Ric Flair asked for my A-game and that's what I gave him. I have, I have too much respect and love for Ric Flair to have given him anything less.
03:04 I had a chance, last night, to pull the trigger... and I did.
03:14 And now the career of the greatest wrestler who ever lived...
03:25 is over. And I'm the man responsible for it...
03:35 That is a, eh... that's a burden...
03:40 that's another burden that I get to carry with me the rest of my life... Lucky me...
05:19 Look, you did what you had to do and personally, I think it should have been done a long time ago


A-game - pull the trigger - burden
A-game: rendimiento; pull the trigger: terminar la accion; burden: carga;
01:15 Finally, The Rock has come back to Worcester!
01:31 Undertaker, by getting involved with The Rock's match last week you did one thing.
01:38 And that is directly check yourself in to the Smackdown hotel!
01:48 Undertaker, do you think you impress The Rock by coming out here with your Undertaker symbol and claim to steal the souls of all those jabronies?
01:57 Do you think you impress The Rock by taking your eyes and rolling them up into the back of your head?
02:06 Well, The Rock says, if you really wanna impress The Rock, then you will come to King of the Ring and you will put the WWF Title on the line and go ONE ON ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE!
02:26 And Undertaker, when The Great One's music hits: 'Do you smell what The Rock is cooking',
02:32 and 20,000 asses are standing on their feet with goosebumps running through their body, all chanting The Rock's name, 'Rocky, Rocky'
03:05 then, Undertaker, you bring your monkey ass to the people's ring and you come and you try to sacrifice The People's Champ. But here's the twist:
03:16 instead, Undertaker, of taking your eyes and rolling them up into the back of your head, The Rock says that you take your entire 33 pound head, turn it backwards like The Exorcist, have it roll down your back, catch it with both your hands.
03:33 And then, Undertaker, The Rock says, take your own head and proceed to shove it directly up your candy ass!
04:10 All right, young man, sing-along time is over. What you're doing is, you're out here - your mouth is writing cheques your ass can't cash.
04:32 What you fail to realise, boy, is, I've crippled more people than polio.
04:38 You can't be first, but you can be next. So in response to your nursery rhyme, let me put it like this, Rock.
04:50 It's time for you to go to the learning tree. King of the Ring - I accept.
05:00 No,no no. Wait a minute.
05:07 Hold on, I know you're eager to defend the WWF title. I understand that.
05:19 But Rock, what makes you think you are worthy of being the number 1 contender?
05:26 As far as I'm concerned, the only thing electrifying about you these days are thosegaudy shirts you wear!
05:37 It's alright. You want a shot at the Undertaker at the King of the Ring for the WWF title? No problem.
05:46 Just this little hitch. Tonight, in that very ring, in a non-title match you must be victorious.
05:56 You must win the match, Rock. One way or another, tonight to get your title shot at the King of the Ring. What about it, Rock?
06:14 The Rock says not only will he whip his monkey ass at the King of the Ring but he will do it tonight. If you smell what The Rock...is cooking!
06:44 Hey Rock, stop the Rock's music. Since this is a night of stipulations we have a stipulation for you this evening between you and the Undertaker.
07:56 And Rock tonight, you will find out exactly what that stipulation is five minutes before you come out. If you smell what the Macs are cooking! Now hit the Rock's music.


jabronies - nursery rhyme - crippled - gaudy - hitch
jabronies: perdedores; nursery rhyme: tema de guarderia; crippled: lisiado; gaudy: llamativo; hitch: obstaculo;

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00:00 Between "lost" and "the vampire diaries," our next guest has spent most of his tv career either dead or undead.
00:06 You can watch "the vampire diaries" thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. on the cw.
00:09 Please welcome Ian Somerhalder
00:32 thegals are very excited.
00:36 Can I ask you a question, I love your loud ... but why , are there no ugly vampires?
00:42 You're talking to one. -- Yeah.
00:45 You have very excitable fans.
00:46 How did the fans of the new show compare to the fans of "lost" who were alsorapid but maybe in a different way?
00:53 Well There's a decibel level difference.
00:56 There's more screaming?
00:58 It's definitely louder. It's awesome.
01:01 You brought some like videotape, just kind of to demonstrate the loudness.
01:06 Just a little -- You shot this on your cell phone?
01:09 A little taste. I shot this on my iphone.
01:01 Ok. Take a look. Look at this.
01:13 This is what, a convention of some kind?
01:17 Yeah, this is in Miami.
01:20 And this is one of the small ones. This one was of the most exciting.
01:26 This one was -- Flashlights for vampires?
01:28 Oh, wait a minute.
01:30 That must have been the twi hards or something like that.
01:34 Hey, is it true you still haven't seen the "lost" finale?
01:37 I saw it in bits and pieces and I finally saw the end.
01:41 When? -- About a week ago.
01:43 What, why did you wait so long?
01:45 Because -- it was -- I don't know why. I've been shooting.
01:50 You were shooting.
01:51 I've been working. I was there.
01:54 It was the most incredible -- it really was -- I'm so glad they brought me back.
01:57 It was the most incredible human experience -- Being on "lost" or watching -- the end scene was all of us.
02:04 All of those chairs from those seasons of Lost every single person's chair was in this, like, circle.
02:11 You saw the names on all the chairs.
02:13 All of our names were there. And we all shot that scene together.
02:17 It was just sort of -- end of this amazing era of storytelling and -- you know what I mean?
02:23 Yeah. Well Sure you know and for me, it was like the end of my life.
02:25 Yeah. I saw you have a picture of Matt Fox in the dressing room that I'm in. -- Yes, I do.
02:31 I figured that was a good sign because he's my brother -- Jack is always watching over us, yes.
02:38 Now, you tweeted today that you were going to bring me a pizza, which, by the way, all guests should do, just fyi.
02:45 But you own a pizza parlor ,apparently.
02:48 My brother-in-law and my sister and I have a pizza place in Sun Valley, Idaho.
02:53 One of the most beautiful places in the world.
02:54 Yeah, I've been there.
02:56 What's the name of the pizza -- IT'S called McClane's pizzeria and we rock.
03:02 Why is it called McCLANE'S -- Because my brother-in-law's named McClane.
03:06 He's like this big tatted earring guy.
03:12 He looks like Mr. Clean.
03:14 Like a really good looking version of mr. clean.
03:16 But he has a recipe, at2 pizza recipe it's thirty years old
03:20 and I franticallybaked pizzas because the hotel that I live in here well, when I'm here, i live in the [ bleep ] not the chateau like every other actor.
03:32 Is it good to give out your address on television?
03:33 Oh, no, why did I just ... Oh My God -- oh, We'll bleep it out but -- that was stupid.
03:42 I want you guys to promise not to go there.
03:45 Yeah, so -- that's so stupid.
03:48 Yeah, yeah. -- Whoa.
03:50 Might want to switch to another hotel.
03:54 They were supposed to bake the pizzas and the guy who owns it is one of my close friends and he said, look, man, I can't, there's a health code problem.
04:02 I can't prepare -- I can't bake anything someone else prepares.
04:05 He shouldn't be your friend.
04:06 People like that -- No I ... it's services business. I don't want to get him in trouble.
04:10 So I found out about this at about 10 after 5:00.
04:14 Supposed to be car pickup at 6:00.
04:16 You're making excuses for your pizza -- no, I'm not making -- i ran -- well, I drove frantically to one of my best friend's houses and Ibaked these pizzas for you.
04:24 That's very nice of you.
04:25 You have for our margarita pizza, you have to do fresh tomato and basil on after you bake it -- Oh, after your break it -- bake it.
04:35 The cheese is not melted?
04:37 The cheese is melted.
04:38 But you don't want to put the tomato on top to the pizza because before you after you bake it
04:45 When you cut it, you don't want to squish all the tomato into the cheese.
04:49 Is that your specialty, the margarita pizza?
04:52 It's pretty good, man.
04:55 Guillermo, come in from God's heeding ....
04:58 He's probably eating those pizzas out there.
05:02 I hope so too.
05:04 Thank you, Guillermo.
05:05 Hold on, let me get you a little -- there, that's for you.
05:07 Thank you. Thank you very much.
05:10 I left my wallet in the green room.
05:11 Give me 4 back.
05:13 I don't have any cash.
05:14 I'll get it from you later.
05:15 Is this hot? -- It should be warm.
05:19 I have to try it.
05:21 We had to warm it so the basil's now a little drier.
05:24 I can't imagine you making pizza but -- it's pretty good.
05:30 That's atasty pizza.
05:31 Idaho is known for its pizza, number one.
05:36 It's pretty tasty. -- I like that.
05:37 You got a lot of oregano on there.
05:39 Good across could be a littlecrispy out everytime with your friend.
05:42 No because I had a ... he needed a ticket ...
05:45 Let's eat the whole thing right -- let's do it.
05:49 Eat the whole pizza.
05:51 Before social distortion comes out.
05:55 This is awesome. -- This is very good.
06:02 You're serious about this.
06:03 Like, you went to a pizza convention even?
06:06 Oh, my Gosh. Yeah. But they had full-on like -- uniforms.
06:12 Who did?
06:13 The other pizza makers.
06:16 And all I saw were people's nostrils because their noses were turned up to us the entire time who is a teacher.
06:23 You had to have T-shirts. You can't just show up out t-shirts on.
06:26 No.
06:27 I'm going to ask John Bravados or someone to make us
06:32 Some sort of designer or T-shirts? -- the most incredible ball like uniform aprons and we're going to go there next year.
06:39 You ever deliver these pizzas because I think you could make a lot of tips probably.
06:53 Well that's very good to see you.
06:55 Thank you for bringing the pizza.
06:57 Eat the end because ... you know what, this is not our normal crust.
07:00 I had to -- It came all of the way from Idaho. I can understand. I will leave the end.
07:04 The whole thing's pretty good. Thank you for being here. Ian Somerhalder, everybody.
07:09 Vampires eat pizza too. It airs thursday nights on the CW.


gals - rapid - videotape - fyi< - pizza parlor - baked - tasty - crispy - crust
gals: chicas; rapid: rapido; videotape: cinta de video; fyi: para tu informacion; pizza parlor: salon de pizza; baked: horneado; tasty: sabrosa; crispy: crujiente; crust: corteza;