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00:53Expecting somebody else, Punk?
01:09Listen, listen... I know you've got a big match,
01:12champion versus champion, but what I have to say
01:15is a little bit more important.
01:19Before I say, let me preface it by saying one thing:
01:21I think you are an amazing performer, Punk.
01:24I think you are very, very good. As a matter of fact you are one of my favorites, but
01:28you're not as good as I am.
01:30You're not as good as me.
01:34You are not the best in the world at everything you do.
01:37And you know it.
01:41You see, I never had to call myself the best in the world.
01:45Other people said it for me. These people said it for me.
01:53And I never had to write it on the back of a t-shirt.
01:55They would write it on signs and bring it to the arena.
01:59And the reason for that is this:
02:00I am part of a special breed of performers.
02:06I'm one of a literal dying breed of performers
02:12that toured the world, honing our craft,
02:16learning our skills, becoming stars before we ever got to the WWE.
02:24A breed that cared more about having the best match on the show than personal politics,
02:30didn't care what the hirarchy thought of us, what position we were sloted in,
02:35what we were supposed to be.
02:37A breed of performers that were given nothing and took everything. And yeah,
02:43I developed a chip on my shoulder because of it.
02:46And yeah, I got a bad attitude and a bad reputation in the back
02:51with the powers that be because of it. But I didn't give a damn.
02:55Because I knew I was good. I knew I was the best.
03:08And now, Punk, you're just like me.
03:12You're a maverick. A rebel that went against the grain
03:17and became something more than anybody thought that you would.
03:27But in translation that's because you just wanna be me.
03:36You're a Chris Jericho wannabe.
03:39Just like all of them are Chris Jericho wannabes.
03:42And it's so obviously.
03:45Oh yeah, you know it's true.
03:47It's so obviously blatent by the fact you plagiarized me every step of the way...
03:50Stop. Just stop.
03:51Don't you tell me to stop, boy! I'm talking to you!
03:55And I'm listening. But I think everybody else is sick of listening.
03:59So I'm gonna go ahead...
04:04Look, Chris, I know how good you are.
04:08These people know how good you are.
04:13My problem I have with you is you coming out here and insinuating that I've stolen anything from you.
04:20No. I've never plagiarized anything in my life.
04:23Everything that I have I fought for and I've earned. It's right here.
04:31You think you invented saying that you are the best? Are you kiddin' me?
04:36There is a guy I remember watching when I was a kid.
04:38You probably watched him when you were a kid, too. His name is Bret Hitman Hart.
04:48The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.
04:56Did you invent that? Did you give that to him when you were what, two years old?
05:00He's Canadian, too. Did you invent him being Canadian? Did you invent Canada?
05:08Oh yeah, laugh along. Laugh it up with Punk. Laugh along with Punk. Very nice.
05:14Because it's oh so typical, Punk.
05:17So smarmy, sarcastic, never taking anything to seriously, right?
05:24Well, you need to take me seriously, Punk. Cause this is a whole different level.
05:29A whole different level from anything you ever had before.
05:35Because like I said this is not some kind of gimmick. I am the best in the world at everything I do.
05:42And I prove it every night as I have for the last twenty-two years.
05:46Staying on the highest level of any performer in the history of this business.
05:53You can boo if you want, but you know it's the damn truth.
05:59I have faced every legend, every hall-of-fame, future hall-of-fame performer in this ring and beaten them all.
06:07I've won dozens of championships, I've had dozens of classic matches,
06:11classic WrestleMania steal-the-show matches,
06:14dozens of moments that will be legendary long after either one of us are gone.
06:29You can chant it all you want, but I am not just telling you,
06:32I am proving to you with all the evidence that standing right in front of you is the literal undeserved,
06:39undoubtful best in the world at everything I do!
06:50You know, you keep saying that.
06:51And your words just scream superiority,
06:54but I watch you and the way you walk out here and the inflection in your voice.
06:57And certainly your body language. It screams inferiority.
07:02Who you're trying to prove? You're trying to prove to me that you're the best?
07:06Are you trying to prove to these people that you're the best?
07:09Or are you trying to prove to yourself that you're the best?
07:16See, I say that I'm the best in the world. And yeah, that's a little cocky.
07:19You think you invented saying that you are the best? Are you kiddin' me?
07:21And it's nothing that I thought you lacked.
07:23But now that confidence, Chris, it seems to be replaced with jealousy.
07:27So you look at me and you see a guy that emerged from the same shadows you did.
07:32He came from the same places you did. He overcame the same obstacles you did.
07:37But now he surpassed everything you did, didn't he? Because, sure, you beat legends.
07:43You beat Stone Cold and you beat The Rock in the same night ten years ago
07:48and that made you the WWE Champion.
07:52But you were never really the man like how I'm the man, were you?
07:59And that just bothers you a little bit, doesn't it.
08:02You have a Napoleon complex because of it.
08:06So you come back and you try to point fingers and place the blame. The blame is only on you.
08:11See, you say that you're the best in the world at what you do.
08:15And I say that I'm the best wrestler in the world.
08:22The distinction to me is very simple.
08:25This is nothing I chose. I was born this way.
08:29This is who I am. This is what I do.
08:33while you chose to leave and write books and have a radio show and be on game shows.
08:40And you chose to be a rock star.
08:43And all the while I'm here on top, swimming with sharks while you're dancing with stars.
09:08When I was Dancing with Stars, Punk,
09:11and killing it on the Tonight Show and becoming a bigger star than you ever were,
09:15all I could think of was one thing.
09:20And that was you ripping me off.
09:25Every single night you ripping me off, Punk.
09:32And let me be completely clear and honest with you.
09:35All of those January second vignettes and the best in the world verbage and this light up, flashy, fancy jacket, it's all window dressing.
09:46Because I came back to the WWE for one reason, and one reason only.
09:54And that was to embarrass you on the biggest stage in the world.
09:58To take back what is mine, to beat you for that world title at WrestleMania,
10:04and to shove down your throat that I am the best in the world at what I do!
10:10I prove it, I claim it, I am it every single night!
10:25Well, that's all you had to say.
10:29When you came back, you didn't have to jump me to get my attention.
10:33All you had to do is grab me and say 'Hey, Punk, me and you, best in the world versus best in the world at WrestleMania'.
10:44See, this is the time of the year everybody points at that sign.
10:46But I'm gonna point at my championship title.
10:48Because to me, I don't need Chris Brown and you don't need Mickey Rourke.
10:56And we don't need all the pyro in the world or inflatable letters to tell everybody how awesome we are.
11:03And I don't need a fancy entrance. And screw your stupid, light-bright jacket!
11:12The only thing we need is me and you in a ring.
11:18And on April first we're gonna find out exactly who the best in the world is.
11:24Because to me those are the ingredients we need
11:27in the recipe to have what quite possibly could be the greatest
11:32wrestling match in WrestleMania history. But,
11:38see, I have something you come at. And I say come and get it. And at the end of the night,
11:41when you're looking over your shoulder on the ramp and you see this
11:53it's not gonna be the end of the world. It's just gonna be the end of yours!

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