sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

00:02 Yeah
00:07 Wao! you look tremendous. -- Thank you, thank you so much.
00:10 Is there something different about you? Yeah.
00:13 Have you lost weight? What's going on here?
00:51 I'm going through a bit of a growth spurt, dave.
00:18 Yeah. I'm growing-- I'm growing I'll tell you in ways I can't even speak about on television.
00:23 Well, what's parent is theseemingly large feet.
00:27 Yeah, I think it's the new testosterone cream I'm using.
00:32 I put a little dab on my wrists in the morning, rub it in, and next thing you know I feel like anthony quinn!
00:40 I touch you, you're pregnant. You will carry my child to term. I'm anthony quinn.
00:46 This entire audience is pregnant!
00:49 Wow. In addition to-- I noticed on the back an appendage that makes no sense.
00:57 Yeah, well, they're my pine angel wings.
01:02 You see, this is really something I put every once in a while to signify my awkward spiritual journey.
01:09 Because I really honestly I feel like I have a lot of peace in my soul right now and I love people but if you hit me, I'll take your eye out and I'll feed it to you.
01:20 I'll feed it right to you. Sure.
01:23 So as part of the journey you haven't really arrived
01:25 I haven't gotten theforgiveness thing down - Right - But i do honestly I ... Honest to god, I really feel peaceful. I feel like ...
01:33 Can you elaborate on this?
01:36 It's a feeling like you're in heaven already.
01:38 Everywhere you go there's a little bit of heaven. And I think it's everywhere. I think it's all around us.
01:45 It's not just afterlife. It's here. This is a gift right here.You know?
01:55 just waiting for the end to-- to have it happen.
02:00 It's like opening a birthday present, and while you're opening the present you're saying, "what else have you got for me: That's right. - You know - It's wrong.
02:07 It's really here.
02:08 And you just have to open up your heart and look a little closer.
02:12 For example, what are we talking about practically speaking? - I don't know.
02:15 Biff, Can I have you come out here for a second?
02:19 Hi biff. - Henderson.
02:23 For example when you look at biff, you know, on face value, when you first look at his face you think, well ok here's a guy who is under a lot of pressure.
02:35 he might be in a little bit of pain, he might have a little bit of guilt and possibly some moral compromise in there.
02:43 But now if you look really, really closely and open your heart. - Sure.
02:49 Do you see? Do you see that? Do you see the love? Yes.
02:55 That's not biff anymore. That's a champagne super nova.
03:00 That's god disguising himself as biff. OW, THAT'S BEAUTIFUL. That's right. Yeah.
03:05 Now look at me.
03:06 Yeah, let's see.


growth spurt - seemingly - little dab - rub it in - wings - once in a while - forgiveness
growth spurt: crecimiento rapido; seemingly: aparentemente; little dab: pequeño toque; rub it in: lo frote; wings: alas; once in a while: de vez en cuando; forgiveness: perdon;

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