lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

aqui les traigo otro video con sus subtitulos es un fragmento de un documental de la NatGeo(National Geographic) este si es un poco mas interesante debido a los verbos que van a escuchar. A comparacion de los anteriores videos que puse este es de Documental pero no se preocupen abajo puse los subtitulos con algunas palabras traducidas espero lo disfruten el video esta aqui. Veanlo!!!!
00:00They’re the big hairy spiders of our nightmares and it’s no wonder we’re afraid.
00:12Tarantulas are the biggest of all the arachnids. These spiders are killing machines, perfectly adaptive to their habitats.
00:25And the biggest and baddest of them all is the Goliath.
00:30It can grow to nearly a foot across with fangs an inch long.
00:36The Goliath makes its home in the remote rain forests of South America.
00:43Night is when the Goliath is most active, but for these ambush predators hunting means lying in wait.
00:52Near the entrance to her burrow she lays down a silk welcome mat.
00:58It acts like a tripwire, letting her know when something has ventured within range.
01:05Even with eight eyes Goliaths, like most spiders, have weak vision; they’re alerted to the presence of pray by the vibration rippling across their sensitive hairs.
01:16It’s only a matter of time before some hapless creature, like this hapless floor mouse wanders too close and brushes against the silk. It’s like ringing a dinner bell.
01:31The Goliath venom proves fatal to this mouse. But for most people the tarantula’s bite is no worse than a bee sting.
01:41According to researchers, there’s never been a single confirmed human death from a tarantula bite.
01:48Perhaps knowing the facts about these ancient predators can help turn human fear into fascination.

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