domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

aqui les traigo otro video con sus subtitulos es un fragmento de un documental de la NatGeo(National Geographic) este si es un poco mas interesante debido a los verbos que van a escuchar. A comparacion de los anteriores videos que puse este es de Documental pero no se preocupen abajo puse los subtitulos con algunas palabras traducidas espero lo disfruten el video esta aqui. Veanlo!!!!
00:00Using special pits near its eyes, its picking up the infra red signals, the body heat of nearby animals.
00:11But this maybe more than it bargained for.
00:25A life and death struggle ensues.
00:33The Fer de Lance snake is one of the deadlies in the world but it succumbs to the tarantula’s bite.
00:50It takes several minutes for the paralyzing substances to show their full impact.
00:55But the fight has already been decided.
01:00The Brazilian Salmon tarantual works its jaws up and down to help break up and tenderize the meat.
01:07Then the digestive juices start to flow from the fang.


bargained for - struggle - ensues - jaws - fang
bargained for: esperaba; struggle: lucha; ensues: emprende; jaws: mandibulas; tenderize: ablandar; fang: colmillos.

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