sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

hola como estan aqui les traigo otro video o mejor dicho otros XD ya que aqui voy a poner 3 videos de yappr como les dije antes pero estos son de comerciales asi quen espero les ayude. Decidi poner comerciales ya que aprenderan nuevas expresiones coloquiales del lenguaje particularmente en el primer video que van a ver yo no sabia lo que significaba "cat got your tongue?" pero busque un poco y aprendi que esta expresion se dice cuando te mantienes callado ante alguna pregunta, pueden leer mas de esta expresion aqui. Y bueno aqui les paso los 3 videos que les dije
00:00Hey baby - Hey, what's up?- No much
00:03Just to talk with the most beautiful girl
00:05in the world, that's all - That's sweet
00:08It's true - Yeah yeah
00:09It is nice to know that I'm the only men in your world
00:17I'm the only men in your world.
00:21Baby. - Switch to the network with the fewest dropped calls.
00:23Singular. - Baby .. is it Earl? - Singular. Raising the bar.
00:29Cat got your tongue? Earl got your tongue?
00:04Hello - Hey mom. Guess where I am?.
00:07Where? - In Vegas with Mike - Ma ma
00:10Just drove on a whim
00:12City of lights
00:14Promise you won't come back married ok?
00:21Jen .. Jen .. you're not getting married are you?
00:29Jennifer .. Jennifer .. Don't make the same mistake I made.
00:00So I think the meeting went really well.
00:03Great job, Abbie.
00:04I wish to our managers worked as hard as you do.
00:07Well, guess you'll have to promote me a manager then, huh?s
00:10There's a new Sheriff in town ha-ha.
00:17I-I understand I have to work my way up ... though
00:23Switch to the network with the fewest dropped calls.
00:25Now, get an ultrathin Samsung phone for only $19.90.
00:29Cingular is now the new AT&T.Your world.
se ven como casos cotidianos que a cualquiera podria suceder no??

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