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Raw 23 02 09 Part 8 por 2kdam
00:21 You know, Steamboat I also wanna say 'thank you'. I wanna say 'thank you' to the Academy of Arts and Motion Picture Sciences, because last night's Academy Awards proved me right.
00:35 Despite all of his shameless pandering and his kissing of all the butts in Hollywood, Mickey Rourke lost the Oscar.
00:45 And now, he is just like the character he played in 'The Wrestler': he's a loser, a washed-up has-been who is hanging on for one last shot at glory, one last go in the spotlight, deluding himself and thinking he has one chance to make it again.
01:03 He doesn't. And he reminds me a lot of the losers in this business: Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and even you, Steamboat - cause you're a loser.
01:26 I am a man of truth, Steamboat, I tell it like it is and I'm gonna tell you the same thing. When you were wrestling all those classic matches with Ric Flair in the NWA - an organization that according to this company never even existed - you were just Ricky Steamboat.
01:44 It wasn't until you came to the WWE and sold your soul to all of these parasites that you became The Dragon -
01:54 a glorified Karate Kid selling headbands and making poses, feeding into stereotypes.
02:10 And then you eventually came to the ring with a Komodo Dragon literally spitting fire like the circus freak you've become. It was pathetic, but hey: It's all right as long as you're making a paycheck - right, Steamboat? Huh?
02:23 And then when you decided to retire, you ended up just like all the rest: Down and out on your luck, broken, beat-down, dysfunctional family.
02:32 And you know you would have returend to the ring just like Flair and just like Piper. You know you would have done it. But instead, you took a back door route.
02:41 You applied for a job in the WWE, you got one working backstage and now here you are. See, Steamboat, you are a lifelong sellout.
02:51 And now with the Hall of Fame induction the loyal dog gets his bone - just like Flair, just like Piper.
03:00 Except instead of wearing a three-piece suit like those guys or wearing a sequent robe or, or a kilt you have nice suit on - it doesn't make you any less pathetic. So enjoy your moment with all of these hypocrites that are your fans, Steamboat.
03:16 Enjoy it. You're the biggest hypocrite of them all.
03:32 Jericho!
03:39 Do you know what a hypocrite is? You understand that word, that meaning?
03:45 You know, I remember about 20 years ago at an autograph session I remember signing an autograph - for you.
03:59 I also remember how you said that you would have admired me - and that I was your hero.
04:12 You wrote that in your autobiography, Jericho.
04:19 And then about ten years ago, when you came to the WWE, you were the snotty, brat wrestler of a kid that turned down the wrestling fans.
04:34 And then within... within a year, less than a year, you embraced them.
04:42 What did you call them? Jerichoholics?
04:48 Then you spent the next several years turning on them, embracing them, turning on them, embracing them - back and forth so on and so off.
04:59 You know something, Jericho? THAT's a hypocrite.
05:11 Myself, from the very first time I put on my wrestling tights to the day that I retired I didn't change - not once.
05:29 I gave that audience the respect and entertained them every time I came through that curtain.
05:41 I never changed, not once. Now myself, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and the other legends - we know who we are.
06:00 And me coming back working for the WWE behind the scenes to help our young talent, our future superstars to teach them, to coach them, to pass the torch so-to-speak, that's not a sellout.
06:19 I did it because I love this business.
06:29 I don't care what you think of me, it really doesn't matter.
06:36 I'm not a hypocrite, I'm not a sellout, but I am someone you may never be: a Hall of Famer.


shameless - pandering - washed-up - hanging - shot - deluding - headbands - sellout - robe - kilt - snotty - brat - tights - torch
shameless: descarada; pandering: alcahueteria; washed-up: fracasado; hanging: colgando; shot: oportunidad; deluding: engañando; headbands: vinchas; sellout: vendido; robe: tunica; kilt: falda escocesa; snotty: mal educado; brat: mocoso; tights: medias; torch: antorcha;

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