domingo, 19 de julio de 2015

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00:00 for somebody brave enough to fight me. I guess what I'm saying, Austin, is that you're so full of crap, your eyes are startin' to turn brown!
00:18 Sunday is Judgment Day - this is what I want you to do, son - when you get up Sunday morning, I want you to take your ass to church, and you better give your soul to the Lord, because yo'r ass belongs to me!
00:48 Now Triple H, this is where it gets real good.
00:54 As far as your challenge to my little brother Kane for a chain match at Judgment Day... on behalf of my brother, he gladly accepts!
01:17 And he wanted me to mention to ya that it's on. As far as the tag team titles, we're gonna do that. We'll do that tonight.
01:32 Now Austin, I know I heard ya - you said you didn't much care for traps. So you really - heh - you really aren't gonna like what happens now.


on behalf of - traps
on behalf of : a nombre de; traps: trampas;

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