martes, 28 de julio de 2015

Kevin Nash TNA 2010 por XSaintsX
00:02 You know, this new generation of guys around here - Unconscious Creed, AJ, Samoa Joe -
00:18 they're either the most arrogant or they're probably some of the stupidest son of a *** I have ever met.
00:34 I mean: If Joe couldn't see what was coming at Bound For Glory, I guess he didn't remember running his mouth about Scott Hall ten months ago.
00:52 You know, the thing is: If it's the only thing that is stupider than those two sons of a *** it's the people sitting in this place right here.
01:08 They're sittin' back here right now still cheering for me.
01:19 It's gotta be hard, ya know? I've always wondered... I bet that you wondered what it's like to be Kevin Nash.
01:28 You know when I was a little boy, I was told a little story about David and Goliath.
01:35 And Goliath was this monster and David decided that he could beat him, he was this little tiny dude.
01:43 Jack and the Beanstalk: Once again, the giant's this big dumb ogre, Jack outsmarts him. You see, the reason why all you *** have always had disdain for me is because I am not an idiot.
02:03 You know I am a genius. I'm the most intelligent man this business has ever produced.
02:16 And the other thing that kills you is both you and you who are stupid enough to bring your wives - that's right: Right now, they're wondering what it would be like to spend the night with me.
02:34 What would it be like to be thrown around by that big seven-foot monster?
02:45 Oh yeah. Oh yeah, and you know, you KNOW that you don't measure up.
02:57 I'm the greatest that's ever been in this ring.
03:03 And the biggest problem you guys got is all of you together - if you pulled your money - you wouldn't have as much as I spend in a strip joint in a month.
03:21 You don't have to like it, but you better learn to love it - cause I'm the best thing going today.


outsmarts - disdain - don't measure up - pulled
outsmarts: burlar; disdain: desden; don't measure up: no dar la talla; pulled: tirado;

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