martes, 28 de julio de 2015

00:04 See you Ric.
00:06 Hey, where are you going?
00:09 Torrie and me, we are going out.
00:10 You're going out? Didn't you lose your match tonight?
00:12 Yeah, but you know, he cheated so it's cool.
00:16 It's cool? You realize it's a Triple Threat Main Event Match tonight going on live on RAW to see who's going to WrestleMania? You're telling me it's cool, your leaving? You're not gonna stay here and watch the show?
00:27 Carlito's not in the Main Event, so why?
00:31 Did you ever stop and think that there is a reason why guys like you - and I'm talking about GUYS LIKE YOU - are not in the Main Event? That's right, why you're not in the Main Event? Because maybe you're a lazy, underachieving son of a bitch - lucky to be walking the halls of this building, lucky to be on the RAW roster! Lucky to be here at all! You're really pissin' me off right now!
00:53 Where's your problem?
00:55 My problem? I'll tell you what my problem is! GUYS LIKE YOU! That they have no passion! No guts! You want all the money, you want all the glory, you wanna fly first class, you wanna walk around with someone like her You don't deserve it! You haven't worked for it! You haven't bled, sweat and paid the price to be here.
01:15 THAT's what's driving me crazy! I'm walking around trying to figure out why GUYS LIKE YOU are taking MY spot? YEAH! GUYS LIKE YOU are taking my spot! I've been here forever and I'm gonna work my ass off to stay here.
01:30 McMahon told me today if I wanna stay I'm gonna have to prove it to him. If you wanna stay you better prove it to yourself.
01:39 It's not cool, it's pathetic! PATHETIC! I'm walking around trying to figure out what my name is and you are LEAVING before the Main Event? Yeah me!
01:50 Sometimes I'm walking around trying to figure out who I am and the whole Goddam world knows who I am. Except me sometimes. And you're leaving?


underachieving - halls - pissin' me off
underachieving: bajo rendimiento; halls: pasillos; pissin' me off: enfadandome;

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