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00:05 apparently Kane is not the smartest member of his illustrious family.
00:16 You see, because it was pretty simple - all he had to do was one thing - and that was just stay away.
00:27 After the beating that Stone Cold Steve Austin and I gave Kane, all he had to do was sit home, nurse his broken arm and stay outta our business.
00:43 But Kane, well, Kane is not the sharpest man in the world, now, is he.
00:51 Kane had to make his triumphant return... ["Ass-hole"]...
01:12 it won't take but a second for us to come out there and kick all your asses.
01:25 As I was saying, Kane had to make his triumphant return Thursday on SmackDown!
01:33 So you see, Kane, you leave me with no choice but to finish the job we started.
01:40 So I offer you this: Kane, I will give you a shot at the intercontinental title.
01:51 At Judgment Day, you and I will go one on one with the intercontinental championship on the line, and since you and your brother seem to enjoy using chains so much, why don't we make it insteresting, Kane? Why don't we make it a chain match?
02:16 Now I know you're not the smartest man in the world, but even you can understand that.
02:22 So if you've got any guts at all, why don't you come out here and accept my challenge!
02:42 That dumb son of a bitch ain't gonna come down that ramp!
02:49 No no no, he's smart enough to realise, as much as we've been kickin' his ass, he ain't comin' down that ramp! And he ain't dumb enough to accept that challenge. At Judgment Day, I know - I know you're gonna whip his ass, and speakin' of Judgment Day, every�....
03:11 every single day I walk through an airport, someone says 'hey Stone Cold, I guess you're worried about the Undertaker. He's gonna beat you for the World Wrestling Federation title.
He's gonna�
03:27 let me go ahead and bottom line it - the Undertaker ain't got a chance in hell against Stone Cold Steve Austin, because...
03:39 because he ain't got the guts, because he ain't got the talent, and the bottom line is, my name is Stone Cold Steve Austin ["Boo"]
03:51 I am the World Wrestling Federation champ and I can't be stopped.
03:56 And you know, last week, Undertaker, you come out here and you set a trap for Stone Cold Steve Austin, right here in this very ring.
04:04 You know you come down here with your chairs, your chains, and all that BS, well let me tell you something - Stone Cold Steve Austin never needed a chair.
04:14 I never needed a chain. I never needed to hit someone from behind, but that's the way you're gonna treat me?
04:22 I am the World Wrestling Federation champion, and I deserve to be treated a lot better than that!
04:33 I'll knock the hell out of every single one of ya.
04:37 And I'll tell you what, I've been thinking in the back and me and Triple H started talking. You know we ain't defended the World Wrestling Federation tag titles since we beat Undertaker and Kane the last time.
04:49 So since they're all high and mighty, they all think they're so damn hot, right here in Cincinnati Ya say that like you're proud to live in this cesspool.
05:09 Like I was saying, right here tonight, Undertaker and Kane, if ya got the guts, why don't ya come out here, and you know what? You know what? ["Boo!"] SHUT UP!
05:24 You ain't gotta come out here, shut up, you ain't gotta come out here and make us famous - oh no no, we're already famous, why don't you bring your asses out here and make us EX-World Wrestling Federation tag team champions.
05:44 I'll tell ya why - because you CAN'T - you can't STOP Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H.
05:56 The truth hurts, don't it. The truth hurts.
06:46 You know, it's kinda loud in here, but I'd be damned if I don't think I heard you call me a coward.
06:57 So let me get this straight with ya right now - I ain't a coward, I'm just a man who's looking


sharpest - shot - bottom line - high - mighty - set a trap - cesspool
sharpest: mas agudo; shot: oportunidad; bottom line : punto; high: grandes; mighty: poderosos; set a trap: poner una trampa; cesspool: letrina;

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